Beer Distributors Are Stepping Up To Offer Financial Support To Bartenders

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 29, 2020

Several beer distributors are stepping up to help bartenders who have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many bartenders across the country are currently out of a job as many states have ordered bars and restaurants to shut their doors except for take out and delivery. Fortunately many customers are utilizing the take out and delivery services which are helping some places stay in business.

Arizona License Beverage Association is seeing a huge increase in sales and anticipates that in the month of April they will sell 2 million cases of beer.

They have decided that for every case of beer they sell they will donate 15 cents to a fund designed to help those in the restaurant and bar industry. If the company sells 2 million cases that will amount to a fund of $50,000

They aren’t the only ones who have stepped up to help. Miller Lite announced they will donate 1 million to unemployed bartenders.

“Taps are off. But tips are needed. Click to donate to the millions out of work. We’ll start with $1,000,000.”
– Tweet from Miller Lite

The United States Bartenders Guild has also set up a virtual tip jar in an effort to help bartenders across the United States.

“We ask you to help us serve those who serve us. The closure of bars, restaurants and venues means that these vital members of our community are no longer able to earn wages and take home tips.”
– United States Bartenders Guild

Jameson an Irish Whiskey company is also matching dollar to dollar donations up to $100,000 through the end of March.

As restaurants and bars continue to feel the financial impact of the coronavirus it’s reassuring to see all of those who have stepped up to offer support.

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