Baltimore Cop Suspended After Striking Woman Who Punched An Officer (During A RIOT)

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 01, 2020

A Baltimore police officer is placed on administrative duties after using minimal force to protect an other officer who is punched twice by a female on the streets of Baltimore.

A woman was talking to a police officer who was attempting to get the woman to back away when she punched the officer in the face. An other officer grabs the woman’s arms in an attempt to stop her from assaulting the officer. She manages to get one of her arms free and punches the officer again.

After the woman punched the officer twice the other officer punched the woman and knocked her to the ground. At that point other officers on the scene told the officer who punched the woman to back away.

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The woman was taken into custody and transported to a nearby hospital for an emergency petition

Video of the incident went viral on social media and the officer who was protecting the other officer is now on administrative duties while the incident is being investigated.

“Last night, the department became aware of an incident involving the arrest of a woman by two of our officers.

A video posted online showed a women striking a Police Sergeant twice in the face and then a police officer striking her in the head. She was subsequently taken into custody and transported to an area hospital for an emergency petition.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison viewed the video and ordered an immediate investigation into this incident by the department’s Special Investigations Response Team unit which is part of the Public Integrity Bureau. The Deputy Commissioner for PIB has directed a full review and has suspended the officers police powers during the investigations.”
– Baltimore Police Department

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