Full Dispatch Audio of Compton Shooting, Deputy's Heroic Call For Help

by Zach Heilman on September 15, 2020
America’s Keepers has obtained the Audio tape recording of the deputies who were shot in Compton calling in for help as they were ambushed by gunfire.
Many people on social media are calling the female deputy who radioed in for help, "a brave hero." In the released audio tape you can hear her remaining calm as she ask for help while fighting for her life. 


“Valor, Courage, Composure…The WILL to WIN. This female deputy was able to put out the ‘Help Call’ calmly & not panicked after a sick coward shot her & her partner in the face & head. I continue to pray for their recovery & the capture of the suspect.” - Officer William Jones, LAPD Community Relations Division

The deputy who called in for help was shot in the jaw and while waiting for first responders to arrive she was able to get a tourniquet to her partner's wounds.
Anyone who is looking to offer financial support to these two officers as they continue to fight for their lives, please click on the image below




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by Josie Soria Gonzalez on September 16, 2020

May God Bless the Deputies. Listening to the audio made me furious. I highly commend the dispatch team. Very much in control. I pray this person gets handed over. Sending prayers 🙏 💙 from
Elk Grove CA

by Lovina Barr on September 16, 2020

I pray that the one that shot them is caught as well as something happens to all those that stood out side of the squad laughing while these two were fighting for their lives. I also feel that the ones outside the hospital should think of what it would be like if people did that while their family members fought for their lives. This world is a crazy place and nothing is going to change until we all start to come together as one. My prayers for a fast recovery for these officers.

by LARRY WOLF on September 15, 2020

Prayers said and sent for those Officers

by LINDA c COOPER on September 15, 2020

I feel that the deputy that was shot, their dept heads should go after the ones that did it and arrest them. this deputy is a true hero and stuck by her partner. she is a beautiful person. so sheriff, go and track these thugs don and make it right for what they did to this lady and her partner.