Atlanta Fire Captain Disciplined For Attempting To Save 95 Year Old Woman

by americaskeepersinc on February 12, 2020
Video Showing Captain Right After Pulling Woman Out Of Burning Home

Imagine this, Atlanta Fire Department Captain Daniel Thomas Dwyer is facing suspension in connection to a June 2019 incident where he attempted to save a 95 year old woman from a burning building. Isn’t this what we hope our firefighters will do?

Well, not in the Atlanta Fire Department apparently. The department administration claim he acted in a unsafe manner and should have waited for additional firefighters to arrive before beginning the search of the home.

Paul Gerdis, leader of the fire union, said Dwyer made a “split-second” decision to go in and believed there was no time to wait.

95 year old Sallie Skrine was located inside the house on the kitchen floor. Captain Dwyer got her out but unfortunately he and other firefighters were unable to revive her and she passed away.

For this act of bravery, Captain Dwyer was docked 48 hours of pay.

This is from the disciplinary report which states, “You entered the structure without your crew members which is in immediate conflict with no freelancing, accountability and maintaining crew integrity.”

“It sends the wrong message,” says the union president. 

This is a massive understatement. We need to treat our first responders better.

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