As Crime Skyrockets In NYC, de Blasio Cuts NYPD Budget $1B

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 02, 2020

Mayor DeBlasio and the New York City Council passed a budget on Tuesday that will cut $1 billion in funding to the New York Police Department.

As protesters have demanded that the NYPD be defunded, the city council sided with them and passed the proposed budget cut. The decision comes as crime in New York City is dramatically on the rise.

The budget cut will reduce the number of cops available to combat the violence that is invading the streets of New York.

Many people are criticizing the move saying now is not the top to reduce police presence.

The money cut from the NYPD will be utilized for summer youth programming, education, family services, the New York City Housing Authority, park recreation centers, and expanded broadband capabilities in public housing.

The decision comes several days after DeBlasio promised that the budget cut to the NYPD would not be as drastic as $1 billion.

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