Anonymous Donor Buys $5000 In Groceries For Elderly and Immuno-Compromised

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 12, 2020

An individual who wishes to remain anonymous paid $5000 to cover groceries for the elderly and immuno-compromised at a grocery store in Massachusetts

Stop and Shop in Provincetown MA sets aside time each day for the elderly and immuno-compromised individuals to buy their groceries. On Saturday an anonymous donor decided he would pay for all the groceries for those people.

“The shopper was very thankful to our Provincetown team for being on the front lines and keeping our communities fed. We are grateful to have such caring customers and associates. Their commitment inspires us every day!”
– Maria Fruci, manager and spokesperson for Stop and Shop

Melinda McCarthy who is the store manager for the Provincetown Stop and Shop received a call on Friday from a donor inquiring how many people typically shop during the early morning. She informed the individual that typically 30-40 people shop during that time. The donor stated that he would like to pay for the groceries for those individuals.

Customers were pleasantly surprised when they went to pay for their groceries to find out someone else had already covered their bill.

One customer passed along a thank you note expressing her gratitude.

“Tears of Joy and Gratitude to all!! We will do something today for someone in an effort for us to ‘pay it forward.’”
– Grateful Customer

As many in the United States continue to struggle with the financial impacts of the coronavirus it’s amazing to see the generosity of others to help those in need.


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