America’s Keepers Resource Guide For The Coronavirus

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 26, 2020

Mental Health, Family & Financial Resources and More

During these uncertain times many Americans are faced with uncertainty about their day to day life. Whether it’s how to pay your bills or when you might be able to go meet friends to grab lunch or a drink.

The coronavirus outbreak is uncharted territory. As a country we have essentially shut down. Our day to day lives have been drastically impacted as we figure out a way to navigate a world that we have never experienced before. We try to hold onto hope as we navigate a world that unfamiliar.

As many of you face challenges we put together a comprehensive list of where you can turn for help whether it be financial assistance or ideas of how to stay sane during an insane time.

Many of Americans have started hoarding food as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the U.S. Here is a great resource from Wired for what you actually need to survive a quarantine

As schools across the country shut down you may be wondering what are some creative ideas to keep your kids occupied while maintaining your own sanity. Here is a great resource from Action for Healthy Kids

As we navigate uncharted territory it’s common to struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s important to not only take care of your physical health but your mental health as well. Check out some resources from Mental Health First Aid

With many restaurants forced to close their in person dining and move to take out and delivery a lot of places are struggling to keep their employees working. In addition most bars have been forced to temporarily close their doors. If you work in the food service industry whether at a restaurant or bar here is a list of resources offering financial assistance

Here is a list of available financial resources for Americans all across the country who are struggling financially during the coronavirus outbreak

Here is a list of resources specific to certain states. It is not a complete list and we will update it as new resources are made known.
California (Los Angeles area)
Florida Reemployment Assistance
South Florida Food Assistance

We’ve found 2 different websites that track all the numbers as far as cases, deaths, recovered and in which country, state, province or territory.

Arcgis (Johns Hopkins University)


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