UPDATED: 5 Dead, At Least 24 Injured. Gunmen Open Fire in Texas (Video Compilation)

by America's Keepers on August 31, 2019
UPDATE: FIVE people are dead and at least 24 are injured as a mass shooter was ACTIVE in Texas Saturday night.

A suspect, who local police identified only as a white male in his mid-30s, was shot and killed at an Odessa movie theater, local police said.

Odessa police chief Michael Gerke said that the tally of victims included three injured law enforcement officers and at least 21 civilians. It was not clear whether the number of dead included the shooter, nor was it clear whether that number was included among the 21 civilian victims.

"They are shooting at random,” Midland Mayor Jerry Morales told The New York Times. “We have two fatalities and up to 20 injuries." He added that at least two gunmen were believed to be targeting motorists on Interstate 20 and Highway 191 between Midland and neighboring Odessa.

Midland Memorial Hospital has received six patients, three of whom are in critical condition, hospital officials said. The other three patients are in stable condition.

"Everyone is encouraged to get off the road and use extreme caution!" said Odessa police.

Authorities said that two, or possibly three, shooters in two separate vehicles - a small Toyota truck and a hijacked Postal van - are carrying out the attack.

Wow... crazy.. looks like one down in #Odessa Texas.. #activeshooter pic.twitter.com/HEkWKvrJbN