Accused Rapist Released For Covid, Dies In Police Standoff While Throwing Explosives

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 16, 2020

In Pennsylvania a man who was released from jail to protect him from the coronavirus died after an explosive standoff with police that sent his home up in flames.

Fish was initially arrested back in January for charges of kidnap and rape after he abducted a woman on New Year’s Day. He allegedly took the woman inside and proceeded to rape, strangle and beat her.

The victim managed to escape and ran to a neighbor’s home and 911 was called. The woman was so severely beaten her eyes almost swelled shut.

When police arrived Fish barricaded himself in his home which resulted in a nine hour standoff. Ultimately Fish was arrested for Kidnapping and rape and his bail was set at $850,000.

He was eventually released on bail, but arrested again when he failed to show up to court in March. His attorney then argued that he should be released to avoid possible infection of the coronavirus in jail. He was released on electronic monitoring.

The prosecutor on the case had argued that he was dangerous and should not be released.

Then On Tuesday a bar owner whose business was next door to Fish heard banging coming from outside. When he went outside he discovered Fish who was trying to break his window and became aggressive. The bar owner called 911.

When police arrived he ran back towards his home. Police tased Fish but he ultimately went inside his home. Once inside his home Fish launched fireworks at the police officers who surrounded his home.

Eventually Fish’s home caught fire and went up in flames. Once the fire was extinguished first responders went inside the home and discovered that Fish was dead from smoke inhalation.

Fortunately no officers were injured in the standoff

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