A Letter To America From Your Police

by americaskeepersinc on June 11, 2020

By (Ret) Lt. Randy Sutton, Founder of the Wounded Blue

Dear Americans, you are being told that I’m a racist. That’s a lie. You are being told that I’m a killer. That’s a lie.  You are being told that I care nothing for my community and that’s a lie too. It’s time that you were told the truth about how I feel to be a cop.

I am a cop and I believe.  I believe in my badge and all that it stands for.  For courage, for honor and for compassion.  It stands for unity and integrity and for sacrifice.  I believe in the men and women who stand beside me with gleaming gold and silver worn proudly on their chests.  I know of their pain and I know of their triumphs.  For cruelty and violence is the acid that corrodes our souls and it is belief only that can shield us from being consumed.  Belief that our purpose and destinies lay in protecting others.  I believe that cops are warriors.  Soldiers in one sense because combat is very real and very personal and never far from their reality.  But cops are much more, they are the peace makers and their courage is tempered with compassion.  A cop knows that each day may be their last.  That violence may take them and they might fall and yet they go on. They go on because of belief in something greater than themselves.  They believe in Justice.

Noble words? You bet they are and I’m proud to say them. For I’m a cop and I believe.  To a cop, justice is not a hypothetical theory.  Not a concept open to debate.  It is real and as visceral as the mournful sound of “taps” while another blue clad body is laid to rest.  It is something to be fought for and if necessary, to die for.  Yes I’m a cop and I believe.  I believe that when my career is over and I no longer shoulder the burdens of my profession, I will look back with pride.  Pride in myself in the knowledge that I did my best.  Pride in my brothers and sisters for continuing on, and most of all, pride in my badge and for all that it stands for.  I’m a cop, and this is what I believe.

Lt. Randy Sutton

The Wounded Blue fund has been established to help wounded officers specifically injured in these riots & protests that turned violent. Please check out:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-wounded-blue-fund

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