80% Of South Bend Police Officers Consider Quitting

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 19, 2020

In a recent study of South Bend Indiana Police Officers, 80 percent responded that they have considered leaving their jobs as a result of a lack of support by city council, anti-police protest and a decrease in morale.

The South Bend Fraternal Order of Police conducted an anonymous online survey of officers with the South Bend Police Department. The survey results showed that officers have considered quitting, retiring or transferring.

As the South Bend Police Department is currently struggling with a shortage of police officers, the survey results show that the lack of available officers could potentially get much worse.

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“Our survey this week showed that a stunning 80% of current officers have recently considered resigning or transferring from the South Bend Police Department. If even 10% of those officers left the force it could cripple the department and lead to the elimination of units that investigate sexual assault and homicide.”
– FOP President Harvey Mills

Shortly before the survey the South Bend City Council had reversed their decision to increase officers’ pay by 2.5 percent and increase their residency stipend. The decision by the city council seems to be in response to the movement to defund the police.

“That decision, made in response to calls from some protesters to defund the police, further damaged morale. At least one police officer has already retired from the department since that decision.”
– Statement from FOP

As police officers are being scrutinized across the country for how they do the job, leaders need to step up and stand up for their officers who work tirelessly to protect the citizens they serve.

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