60 Miles of New Border Wall Up, 450 More By 2021

by America's Keepers on August 26, 2019

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has unveiled a stretch of new wall on the southern border, saying it has completed at least 60 miles of new border wall in total.

The new section of wall near San Luis, Arizona consists of an 18-foot steel bollard barrier.

So far, more than 60 miles have been constructed “along the SW border since 2017,” and the agency is expected to “complete 450 miles by the end of 2020,” according to CBP.

CBP says that a new triple-layered enforcement zone is more effective at deterring illegal entry than the former single 10-foot barrier.

The wall is located in the Yuma Sector, which is among the busiest along the southern United States.

The construction comes as immigrant apprehensions have fallen sharply over the past two months due to the summer heat and a clampdown in Mexico.

In July, the Supreme Court ruled to allow Trump to use military funds to build sections of the wall. The money had previously been frozen by the lower courts.

By executive order, President Trump redirected previously allocated Defense Department funds to be used for the New Mexico and Arizona construction, according to The Associated Press.

The administration has awarded $2.8 billion in contracts for barriers covering 247 miles, with all but 17 miles of that to replace existing barriers instead of expanding coverage.

A border wall was a major milestone of the president's election campaign. Congress this year allocated $1.4 billion, but the president wanted much more. He declared a national emergency in February and faced legal challenges for plans to build dozens of miles of fencing almost immediately.