2nd Amendment Groups, Lawmakers Fighting Petition Against Oklahoma Permitless Carry

by America's Keepers on August 27, 2019

Oklahoma City, OK - An effort is underway to overturn permitless carry. Backers said they’ve gathered thousands of signatures. But a pro Second Amendment group said those signatures may not be worth the paper they’re written on.

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association is challenging efforts to suspend a new permitless carry law until a statewide vote on the issue.

The group filed a legal challenge Monday in an attempt to head off a referendum on House Bill 2597, which would allow most Oklahomans who are over the age of 21, 18 if you're in the military, to carry a firearm without a permit beginning November 1st.

In February,Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2597 into law.

“We want to make sure that we let Oklahomans know that we are going to protect their rights to bear arms,” Stitt said.

Sen. Kim David stressed that the bill doesn't change federal background checks required by law to purchase a firearm, and private property owners will still have the right to allow or deny concealed or open carry on their premises.

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association President Don Spencer led a contingent to the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Monday to file a legal challenge to proposed State Question 803. Supporters of the proposed veto referendum filed by state Rep. Jason Lowe must file roughly 59,000 signatures by 5 p.m. Friday in order to get it on the ballot. (See full document here)

The protest is also supported by Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite and the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee. It says two portions of the gist of the petition are "blatantly false, inaccurate, misleading, deceitful, and inflammatory," while four others are "inaccurate and misleading," which should disqualify the effort.

Rep. Jason Lowe, Moms Demand Action and Young Democrats of America are leading the volunteer effort to gather nearly 60,000 signatures to suspend implementation of HB 2597 and bring the measure to a statewide vote in 2020.

Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite, the Oklahoma Conservative Action Committee and 36 Republican legislators are backing the Second Amendment group's legal challenge.

Second Amendment Association President Don Spencer called the referendum a waste of time and a misrepresentation of the permitless carry law.

“Citizens of the state of Oklahoma have been waiting on this for over 112 years and it’s time for them to get their rights back,” he said.

Oklahomans think this law is dangerous and don’t want it, said Rep. Jason Lowe, D-Oklahoma City. They deserve the chance to vote on it, he said.

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