2 NYPD Officers Shot, Another Stabbed In The Neck In Brooklyn

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 04, 2020

Late Wednesday night while a police officer was patrolling the streets in Brooklyn he was attacked and stabbed in the neck, two additional officers were injured from gunshot wounds.

As officers patrolled the streets to prevent looting a suspect walked up to an officer and stabbed him in the neck. As additional officers came to help out with the situation two officers suffered gunshot wounds.

Officers who were nearby heard the gunshots and when they got to the scene they saw the suspect was holding a gun. The suspect was shot multiple times by police.

“We know that we had a chaotic scene, with a knife recovered, as well. In the ensuing, we had the perpetrator struck multiple times. He is here and he is in critical condition. We had two police officers shot in the hand, and we have a third police officer that is stabbed in the neck. All police officers, at this point in time, thank God, are in stable condition and are expected to recover.”
– NYPD Commissioner Dermont Shea

All three of the officers who were injured were transported to a nearby hospital and they are all suspected to survive.

The suspect was transported to the hospital as well and he is in critical condition.

The situation is being investigated and the body cams of the police officers are being reviewed.

This is the second police shooting in 24 hours in Brooklyn.

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