101 Year Old Italian Beat The Chinese Coronavirus

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 28, 2020

A story of hope during the coronavirus pandemic comes from Italy where a 101 year old man successfully recovered from the virus and was recently discharged from the hospital and sent home to be with his family.

The 101 year old man known as Mr. P was born during the Spanish Flu and over the course of his lifetime has seen multiple tragedies including virus pandemics, war, hunger and crisis.

“This morning, I was given some news. Mr. P., positive of Covid-19, was discharged from the Infermi hospital in Rimini and returned home.”

“One hundred and one years old, a century lived almost entirely, and then this first glimpse of the new Millennium. Mr. P. saw everything, war, hunger, pain, progress, crisis, and resurrections.”
– Gloria Lisi Rimini’s Vice Mayor

Mr. P tested positive for the coronavirus last week and was hospitalized in Rimini. As Italy continues to fight the pandemic with a death toll of 8,215 it’s refreshing to hear a story of survival.

“A hope for the future of all of us in the body of a person over one hundred years old, when the sad chronicles of these weeks mechanically tell every day of a virus that is raging above all on the elderly,” 

“And he did it. Mr. P. made it. His family brought him home yesterday evening to teach us that even at 101 years old, your future is not written.”
– Gloria Lisi


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