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Late Wednesday night while a police officer was patrolling the streets in Brooklyn he was attacked and stabbed in the neck, two additional officers were injured from gunshot wounds. As officers patrolled the streets to prevent looting a suspect walked up to an officer and stabbed him in the neck. As additional officers came to...

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Project Veritas and James O’Keefe does it again. #ExposeANTIFA “Don’t be that fucking guy with the God damn spike brass knuckles getting photos taken of you. Police are going to be like perfect we can prosecute these fuckers look how violent they are, and not that we aren’t but we need to fucking hide that...

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36 rioters have been arrested over 2 nights. ALL have been released by liberal activist Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner 25 of the 36 suspects were arrested and taken into custody during the same time frame as the as when 4 Officers were Shot In St. Louis In Riot Violence “To see that kind of level...

The post All Rioters and Looters Released From St. Louis Jail, Prosecutors Fail To Charge Them appeared first on America's Keepers.

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As New York City continues to be devastated by riots and looters across the city, President Trump has all but ordered the city to bring in the National Guard. In a press conference on Monday President Trump had announced that if governors and mayors could not bring order to their streets that he would use...

The post (VIDEOS) Trump Rips de Blasio, Says National Guard Is Needed In NYC appeared first on America's Keepers.

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